3 February 2018

What is Facebook Hacking ?

Facebook Hacking
A brand new researcher posted a message on Facebook Chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg's page per week ago after he says the site's safety team failed to take his warnings about a security defect seriously. 

First, sorry for breaking your privacy as well as post to your wall, wrote Khalil Shreateh. I no other option to do after each of the reports I sent to Facebook team" . Shreateh, who describes himself as an unemployed security researcher with a degree in info systems, said he found a hole in Facebook's systems that allow him post to any user's page, for example, users not on his Friends list. Such an exploit will be a virtual gold mine for spammers, fraud artists as well as others seeking to make the most of the site's approximately 1 billion users globally. 

On his blog, Shreateh published a series of emails he said were exchanged between him and Facebook security. Observing the first one, a Facebook employee replied that the connection he attached was bad. Shreateh had contained a post, an Enrique Iglesias video, he says he posted on the page of a female who went to college with Zuckerberg. He theorized that Facebook's security team could not see it as they weren't on her Friends list. Facebook responded to his second message to say the issue he was reporting wasn't a bug. His response: ok that mean I've no choice apart from report this to mark himself on facebook.". 

Facebook says the defect was fixed on Thursday. But over the weekend the episode started making headlines on technology blogs. On the Hacker News web site, Facebook security team member Matt Jones wrote that the language barrier with Shreateh, who isn't a native English speaker, and the volume of reports the site received were partly to blame for the site's slow response. Sadly, all he submitted was a link to the post he'd already made. Saying that the bug allows Facebook users to share links to other facebook users, Jones wrote. For background, as a few other commentators have pointed out, we receive hundreds of reports every day. 

Many of our best reports come from people whose English isn't great, though this could be challenging, it is something we work with only fine and we've paid out over one million dollars to hundreds of reporters.". Since that he violated Facebook's terms of service by hacking on the pages of additional users, Shreateh isn't eligible for receive a reward under the website's White Hat program designed to find as well as fix bugs. Shreateh, who says he's been searching for work for 2 years, lives in the brand new city of Yatta, in that a region where on the unemployment rate is formally 22% and is higher among men in their 20s, such as Shreateh. I could sell on the black hackers web sites and I might make more money than Facebook could pay me, that he stated in an interview with CNN.
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