2 September 2017

What to do when computer gone hang?

Are you always gone bored with hanging problem?
Is your system gone stopped while playing games?

So now your problem gone solved!!!
You have to do some systematic changes in your computer.
Read the below steps carefully:-
1.First of all you need to download 360 speed booster application or Baidu Antivirus for your PC.
2.You need to install application as your RAM or if you have minimum of RAM then uninstall applications which you not used over 1 month.
3. If you want to play more big games like BATTLE FIELD 4 then you have to create more RAM on your external drive or removable media. If did not to how do this then read our this post.
4. Close your unused applications which is running in background.
5. If you having any other issue then feel free to contact us at 8953974773
We will help you as well as possible.

Thank You:-
Have a Good Day

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