4 September 2017

The phone doesn't respond at all

Problem: It may happen that your Android phone or Android tablet will not respond at all. This is what once happened to my HTC One X. I ended a call, the phone froze so I waited, waited, waited. The screen turned off and the phone behaved as if it was turned off (but I know it wasn't). In such a situation, we usually remove the battery. But what can we do if there is no battery to remove like in my HTC? :)
Solution: When the phone is unresponsive, it's usually a good idea to restart it. You can do that by holding the power button for a few seconds and then tapping Restart phone. This solves the problem in most cases.

You can also remove the battery (if you have one), which always helps. In the case of my HTC, the only thing that worked was to hold the Power button for 10 seconds. After that the phone automatically restarted and everything went back to normal.

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