4 September 2017

Samsung Galaxy S5 Audio Problem – Caller Can’t Hear Your or You Can’t Hear the Caller

Many users have complained of several problems with audio / speaker and microphone of Samsung Galaxy S5. Sometimes the caller cannot hear the other person and sometimes the other person cannot hear the caller. Sometimes the audio is not audible.
Here is how to solve and fix this problem:
  1. Clear the cache and close any running active application. Also clear the RAM.
  2. Make sure the audio volume is maximum.
  3. Restart the phone if required.

  1. If the problem is not solved then remove the battery and the SIM and again insert them back and turn ON the Cell Phone.
  2. Make sure no external Bluetooth device is paired with the phone. Turn OFF Bluetooth.
  3. If the other person cannot hear you then check the microphone. Make sure there is nothing caught in the microphone hole. Use air pressure to clean the hole.

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