4 September 2017

How To Repair and Fix Wet Water Damaged Mobile Phone

Many times our mobile phone gets wet or drops in water and gets damaged. After getting wet in water, a mobile phone gets dead and stops working. This is a reason to worry if you don’t know how to repair and fix wet water damaged mobile cell phone. But repairing and fixing a wet water damaged mobile phone is very easy. Anyone can DIY do it without having to take the mobile phone to a service center.
Here I explain step-by-step process on how to repair and fix wet water damaged mobile phone. The same steps apply for all brands of mobile phone including – Samsung, China Mobile Phones, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Alcatel, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE, Spice, Lava, Sony Ericsson, Micromax, iPhone etc.

How To Repair and Fix Wet Water Damaged Mobile Phone – Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Switch OFF the mobile phone and Remove the back cover and the battery.
  2. Using a precision screwdriver, disassemble the mobile phone. This is very easy. Just remove all the screws and keeps them in a safe place. Make sure to remember the order in which you disassemble the mobile phone. This will be useful when you assemble back the mobile phone.
  3. If there is water in the display then you will also have to disassemble and remove the display.
  4. Using a hot air blower or a hair dryer, carefully dry out the PCB of the Mobile Phone and all other wet parts. You can also keep the disassembled mobile phone in sunlight and let it dry naturally.
  5. Using an ESD-Safe brush and IPA solution or spirit, clean the circuit carefully. This prevents corrosion on the PCB.
  6. Now assemble back the mobile phone carefully.

Now the mobile phone must work. If it doesn’t works, charge the battery and try again. If it still doesn’t works then you may have to take the handset to a service center.

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