4 September 2017

Android corrects my words without even asking

Problem: Have you ever happened to send a totally stupid SMS to someone just because your Android device knew better what you wanted to type?
In most cases, this doesn't happen very often but once it does you may want to get rid of the auto-correct feature.

Solution: You may want to turn off auto correction. Not all Android devices are equipped with that feature by default (my HTC was just suggesting words, not auto-correcting them, but when I installed SwiftKey keyboard the function was enabled).
To turn it off, go to Settings > Language & input >Android Keyboard > Auto correction and select "off."

Want trouble-free typing?

Don't waste your time trying new untested keyboards or tormenting yourself with the stock one.  I've thoroughly checked most of them.

If you want to type fast (you can turn off the auto correct function) and stop making typos, you should certainly buy yourself SwifKey Keyboard. The price is really low 3,99$ for such a brilliant app. 

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