4 September 2017

3G connection problems or “2207 Issue”

Problem: This problem is an absolute mystery. You can be happy with your phone for months, and suddenly, without warning it appears and there is no turning back. Its technical name is Issue 2207 , but basically it is that if you’re for a while connected to WiFi and suddenly you will have no longer access to 3g or 2g data . To allow your phone working again, you have to reboot or turn on airplane mode and then disable it. The funny thing is that it has been reported many times by many people and even Google doesn’t knows how to fix it.

Solution: Following the official thread of the problem I discovered Fix 3G connection , an application to “reset” the network each time you get disconnected with the WiFi.

At the moment, it is a perfect solution for this problem, but my battery consumption has risen slightly. I highly recommend this solution to all of those who are facing this very same problem.

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