8 July 2017

How to Remove Tencent QQ Chinese Program Virus Completely?

Tencent QQ PC Manager is one of the rogue Chinese programs which is hard to uninstall due to language problem, it also install several other software along with it, all in Chinese language, if you try to uninstall Tencent QQ PC Mgr using windows uninstaller or any other uninstaller you may end up installing more Chinese programs, so if you are looking for working methods to remove Tencent QQ PC Mgr Chinese program virus then this article is surely for you, and by the end of the article there will be no Tencent qq virus anymore in your windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or windows 10 computer.

How do you get this Tencent Chinese Program?

Ask yourself what you were trying to install was it a freeware, crack or keygen? Did you try to get the full version of a paid software for free?

These Chinese programs mainly come along with free software, survey sites, cracks, keygen and numerous other low-quality software.

When you try to install a freeware and hit next and next too fast without checking the other options you also agree to install such adware, virus, trojan and other types of malware.

Tencent QQ PC Manager is a kind of PC optimization tool which may or may not be optimizing your PC, since I don’t know the Chinese language I can’t comment but for us it is kind of unwanted program so we need to remove Tencent program in order to protect our PC from any other bogus program, redirects, and our frustrations.

How to Remove Tencent QQ PC Mgr Chinese Program

If you try to remove Tencent program from control panel you might get trouble removing it because clicking on wrong buttons will allow it to install other Chinese programs, since most of us don’t know the Chinese language we can’t judge where to click exactly.

There are few methods to remove Tencent program completely along with leftovers.

Method 1 – Uninstalling Tencent from Program Files

Every program which is installed in your PC has their files into “Programs Files” some of the programs offers an uninstaller there, so we need to find uninstaller for Tencent program.

Steps to uninstall Tencent QQ PC Mgr

1. First of all, you need to boot your computer into safe mode, safe mode runs only necessary services where it becomes easy to remove such programs.

2. After booting into safe mode open task manager and look for all the Chinese processes, right-click on any one of them and open file location.

tencent processes

Or you can manually open Tencent folder by navigating to

C:/Program Files(x86)/Tencent/QQPCMgr/10.7.16065.215 OR the very first folder in QQPCMgr ( for 64 bit Windows).

For 32 bit Windows follow the same path as C:/Program Files/Tencent/QQPCMgr/10.something or first folder.

3. Now kill all these Chinse processes, Right Clik on it and hit End task.

remove tencent

4. Open the Tencent folder & Scroll down to the bottom, here you will get an uninstaller named as “Uninst“.

uninstall tencent qq pc

Double  click on Uninst and you will get another window.

Now click on the First button i,e “White Button“.

delete tencent

Check all these options and click on “Red Button“.

remove tencent qq pc mgr

Now click on the first white button, on the screen like below one.

delete tencent qq

Now it will uninstall Tencent QQPC Mgr from your Windows computer, after that you’ll get another window.

Close it using “X” button and do not click on any other button otherwise it’ll install another bogus Chinese program.close chinese program virus

After performing above steps you will not get Tencent program anymore.

There is a new variant or 2016 version of Tencent QQ is spreading which changes the buttons position and other interfaces.

After double click on “Uninst” if you get another kind  of window like this then –

Do not select any option and click on “White Button

tencent variant

Now Check all the options & Click on “Red Button“.

tencent variant virus

After clicking on Red Button you will get another window, click on the first white button.

tencent virus variant

It will remove Tencent and close next window using X button as mentioned above.

Removing leftover files and folders of Tencent

After removing Tencent QQ program you have to remove leftovers too, now boot your computer into normal mode.

  1. Go to C drive > Program Files(x86), find and delete Tencent folder.

  2. Press Win+R key together on your keyboard and type “appdata” then hit OK.

  3. Navigate to Local folder, find and delete Tencent folder.

  4. Also, check the Local low folder, if you find Tencent then delete it.

Method 2- If you don’t find Uninstaller (Uninst) in Tencent Folder.

Sometimes you may not get any type of uninstaller in the Tencent folder which makes it really hard to remove because you can’t even perform the first step to remove this program.

In such case follow these steps while you are in safe mode.

  1. Download and install Revo Uninstaller from this link.

  2. Kill all those Chinese processes from task manager.

  3. Navigate to C:/Program Files(x86) and find the Tencent folder.

  4. Right-click on Tencent folder and then click ” Uninstall with Revo Uninstaller Pro

remove tencent revo uninstaller

5. Now it’ll take you to the “Force Uninstall” window, here you need to select “Advanced” option under Scanning modes and then hit Next.

tencent remove manually

6. Most probably you will get an error that ” Running the application’s uninstaller failed! possible invalid uninstall command” because the uninstaller is missing. Hit OK to this error and click on Scan.

tencent manual delete

7. It will scan for all the registry entries of Tencent, Select them all by clicking on “Select All” button and then Delete. Further, click Next.

manually remove tencent qq

8. At this stage, Revo uninstaller will find all the leftover files and folder, select them all and delete. Hit Finish, few files may not get removed but after rebooting your PC you will get rid of them too.

tencent delete manually

Reboot your computer into normal mode and you will not find any kind of Tencent QQ software anymore.

Method 3 – Placing the Uninstaller manually [Not tested yet]

When you don’t find uninstaller then you can try placing it into Tencent folder manually and try to uninstall it, I haven’t tested this method since it was gone while testing  methods listed above.

  1. Download the uninstaller from this Link.

  2. Place “Uninst” file into C:/Program Files(x86)/Tencent/QQPCMgr/10…. folder. I mean paste it in the same folder where uninstaller is missing.

  3. Double click on “Uninst” and follow as discussed in the first method.

Let me know in comments if this method is working or not.

Deleting possible malware and other suspicious programs.

Finally, after removing Tencent program you need to scan your Windows computer in order to find and delete any possible virus, trojan or other types of malware.

If you have downloaded any kind of Crack, keygen or other freeware after that you got Tencent Chinese program then delete those rogue programs.

Download and install Hitman Pro, it comes free for 30 days, check your system type and download accordingly (whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit).

Enter your email to get 30 days trial, and scan your computer, check all the malware, trojan, and suspicious program and delete them.

Sometime Hitman Pro may give the false positive result like it may tell a DLL file as a virus, uncheck all such DLL files which are in the System32 folder.

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