11 May 2017

[PART 1] What Is FatRat Tool ? How To Use It For Hacking Any Android Device With Kali Linux?

Hello friend you're warm welcome in this advance hacking blog.Now today i came here to share a wonderful technique with you by which you can easily take over on any android smartphone.Actually hacking android phone is quite tough task but thanks to kali linux operating which makes the hacking very easy.You can do almost anything byusing simply kali linux because it have many feature and tools.There are more then 500+ tool available in kali os.

So very first you need to know some basic of the FatRat tool ,whar is this and how it will work,and how we can create backdoor for hacking any device.Actually FatRat is a very easy tool for generating the backdoor or payload.You can create a full undetectable (FUD) payload by using this tool so antivirus can not detect it as a virus.This tool very easily and smoothly bypass the security of any antivirus or any other security softwares.Ana the best thing of this tool is,your creating  payload by using this tool can execute on windows,linux,mac and android as well.And you can create a backdoor for windows,linux and mac very easily with this utility.

FatRat tool has some more advance feature like you can bind your payload with any exe file,apk file or any other zip and rar file so sending your payload to your victim become very easy because no one can understand that this is the payload and he/she can hack easily by your payload.


1. You have installed kali linux on your system
2. Having some basic knowledge of kali linux  [Don't worry if yoy don't know]
3. The downloading link of FatRat tool  [I'll  give it to you in below given step 2]
4. working internet connection.

5. A static IP address

That's it

So friends Now see how to configure this FatRat tool in kali linux.So follow below given steps carefully one by one.I'll try to provide you each and every steps very clearly.

Step By Step to Create Payload For Windows,MAC,Linux And Android OS

Step:1) Very first you need to open your kali linux terminal and enter this command cd desktop/ for going to your desktop because in desktop you need to install FatRat tool.

Step:2) Now You need to download FatRat tool by executing this command in terminal window of kali linux -/desktop# git clone https://github.com/screensec/TheFatRat.git

Note:In above given command the url is the location of FatRat tool.

Step:3) Now downloading of fatRat tool will start and after that you can see a fatRat file in your desktop,The size of this FatRat tool s approx 200mb so you need to wait for downloading it completely ,this is depend on your speed of internet connection.

Step:4) Now again go to terminal window of kali and execute this command cd TheFatRat/

Step:5) Now a screen come after executing above command ,here you need to install this FatRat tool on your system so simply give this command chmod +x setup.sh and press enter button.After that give this command ./setup.sh and press enter button.

Step:6) Now the installation process will start and it take few minutes to complete,after finishing it a popup will come asking for path selection ignore it by clicking on yes button.

Step:7) Now a screen will come having many option like create backdoor,create fud (fully undetectable backdoor),create auto listeners and many more option you will see there.Now here you need to first choose you are going to create the backdoor for which operating system ,i mean windows,linux or android .Now i assume that you are going to create the payload for android device the execute the associated number like 3 (Android is on third position among the rest option).

So now friend that's  it for today,I think you will learn how to configure FatRat tool in kali linux and the basic of fatRat tool and working of it with kali linux .Now in my next post i'll tell how to create the payload for android,windows,mac and linux.And in that post i'll cover all the next steps which you will need to perform after step no. 7.Actually this is basic part of the title how to create the payload and generate the backdoor for android,window,Linux etc.

What You'll Learn In My Next Post?

1. Creating payload for android
2. Creating payload for windows
3. Creating payload for MAC
4. Creating payload for LINUX
5. How to bind the payload with any zip or rar file
6. How to create undetectable backdoor
7. How to send it to victim so they can't detect it.
UPDATE: you can read part 2 of this article by going to this link

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Thank you for giving your valuable time for reading this post hope you'll learn something from this post.


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