12 March 2017

How To Spy iPhone 6 or 7 With And Without Jailbreak 2017

Now in these days tracking a device is become a very easy task ,Thanks to Mspy.Actually tracking someone is not a crime because sometime it become very necessary for us to justifying that he/she is good or bad for you. 2 Out of 10 people wants to know about what he/she is doing with his/her phone.Actualy this post is not only for iphone user but also for android,windows an mac users who want to spy someone's device.

So thanks to Mspy application ,actually mSpy is a monitoring application that is downloaded and installed on the target device and allows you to monitor the phone’s text messages, call history, whatsapp,facebook messenger,Instagram,Snapchat ,Line,Tinder,browsing history, emails, GPS locations, photos, videos, instant messengers and more from your secure web-based account.Suppose you are going to track some Gmail, one of the most widely used email services across the globe, it has also become a favorite place for many to engage in secret relationships and exchange cheating messages.Therefore, in order to reveal the secret, it becomes inevitable for people to hack the Gmail account of their loved ones.Today, most websites on the Internet give out false or outdated password hacking methods that completely mislead the readers. I have also seen a few top ranking websites making false promises to crack any Gmail password and urge users to take-up surveys.

Remember, this is just a honeypot setup by the website owner only to earn money where no Gmail password will be delivered to users upon survey completion. However, on this website we strive hard to present readers with true and accurate information that actually work. With many years of my experience in the field of information security, I can tell you that ,Mspy is the single solution for tracking someone's Gmail account.Now the time come to know what mspy do for you ,and what you can do with mspy?

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Does A Mspy Require Any Special Knowledge?

No, absolutely not! Mspy are designed in such a way that even the first time users also find it easy to install and control. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer can use it with ease to gmail access to any Gmail account.

Is it Possible to Detect a Mspy?

Right after the installation process is completed, the Mspy goes completely hidden and continues to work in the background. Hence, it is impossible for the users of the computer to know about its presence.

Feature Of Mspy App For MobileUsers:

1.)  SMS Logging – This feature simply Records both incoming & outgoing SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook , Emails, Twitter , Wechat , Snapchat , Instagram  etc.

2.)  Call Interception – It give you fully freedom for  Listen to the actual calls LIVE on the target cell phone

3.)  SIM Change Notification –when victim change their sim card it  give you  notification via SMS when the target cell phone changes it’s SIM

4.)  Remote Control – Send secret SMS to the target phone to control all functions

5.)  Environment Listening - Make a spy call to the target cell phone running SPY PHONE and listen in to the phone’s surroundings.

6.)  SIM Change Notification – Get instant notification via SMS when the target cell phone changes it’s SIM

7.)  Spy from any location across the world

8.)  feel free use it because it is FUD( Fully undetectable ) or we can say  100% Undetectable.

Special Offer Of  Mspy app For iPhone,Android,blackberry user 

For a ExtraTipsTricks user ,i will provide you an special offer for Mspy .I think this is must app for any Android,apple,blackberry users who want to expose someone's fraud.You can check compatibility of your device by going to this link ,many of my readers ask me for discount of Mspy software so here now i will give you an extra bonus ,purchase Mspy today and it have 3 plan for mobile users (Basic,premium,family kit) and you just need to pay only  $8.33 per one month if you choosing a basic plan  or $16.65 per months if you are choosing premium plan of Mspy. I think buying Mspy for 12 month is a great deal for everyone also above given price per month is only for those people who purchase Mspy for 12 months thus So go and grab this offer and save your huge money.

See below given chart and Decide which plan is better for you either Basic or Premium
mspy features

mSpy "Basic" Subscription

you can purchase basic plan according to your budget ,here you'll get monthly ,3 month,12 month plan .For knowing the price of each plan see below given lines.


   mSpy 1 Month "Basic" Subscription

Original Price: $39.99

Discount Price: $29.99

   mSpy 3 Months "Basic" Subscription

Original Price: $69.00
Discount Price: $59.99

mSpy 12 Months "Basic" Subscription

Original Price: $109.99
Discount Price: $99.49

mSpy Premium Subscription

In mSpy Premium subscription package you will get features like Geo-Fencing, Keylogger, Wi-Fi Networks, Apps & Websites Blocking, Incoming Call Blocking, Remote Device Lock or Wipe, Snapchat monitoring and most common messaging apps monitoring (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage and more) ability. Both Basic and Premium subscription gets you 24/7 email & chat support.

mSpy 1 month "Premium" Subscription

Original Price: $79.99

Discount Price: $69.99

mSpy 3 months "Premium" Subscription

Original Price: $129.99

Discount Price: $119.99 (Included No Jailbreake Solution)

mSpy 12 months "Premium" Subscription

Original Price: $209.99

Discount Price: $199.99 (includes No Jailbreak Solution)

Mspy for No Jailbroken iPhone

If you don't want to jailbreak your iphone 6 or iphone 7 then don't panic here mspy is the best solution for you.You can buy mspy for non jailbroken phone also by going to the link given in the end of the post. Also you'l get some handsome discount on purchasing mspy for 12 moth or 6 month.

Supported Devices:

Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, Apple iPads and Android tablets,Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Google, LG, Acer, and Philips

mSpy A Best Software for Monitoring windows and Mac 2017

Mspy is by far the easiest way to gain access to any account.It also work as a keylogger, Keylogging involves the use of a small software program called the keylogger. This keylogger when installed on a given computer will capture each and every keystroke typed on the keyboard including all types of passwords.
Top Features of Mspy software:

1.)  Remote And Local Installation

2.)  The product supports installation on remote as well as a local computer.

3.)  Extremely Easy To Install

4.)  MSpy is very small in size and can be installed with just a click of a button.

5.)  Never Get Caught!

6.)  This product runs in a total stealth mode so that you need not worry about being caught or traced back.

7.)  Access Any Password!

8.)  This product can be used to obtain Gmail or any other online password.

9.)  Works on Windows And MAC

10.) Fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 and 64-bit) and Mac.

You get a detailed step-by-step instruction and technical support after your purchase. So, go grab MSpy now and expose the truth! Below I am giving you a 15% discount applied on all the links below using our mSpy Coupon Code.
mSpy for Computers 1 month Subscription

Price: 39.99 USD

Discount Price: 29.99 USD

mSpy for Computers 3 months Subscription

Price: 43.99 USD

Discount Price: 39.99 USD

mSpy for Computers 12 months Subscription

Price: 75.99 USD

Discount Price: $69.99 USD


mSpy is compatible and run very well on the following Windows and Mac OS X versions.

  • Microsoft Windows OS:Windows XP x32; Windows Vista x32, x64; Windows 7 x32, x64; Windows 8, 8.1

  • Mac OS X: Mac OS 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X Yosemite compatibility coming soon

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