15 January 2017

how to track facebook profile viewer 2017?100% work for everyone.

facebook is wildly used social networking site ,it have monthly 1 billion active users.

facebook have many feature for there users but actuly there are no any methode give by facebook to

track your facebook profile visitor .even linkedin give this feature with a option inbuilt 'who see you '

but unfortunatly facebook have no inbuilt methode but every person become the daddy of others due

to this a person give a idea to track your profile visitor on facebook .so lets take less your time we

give some more idea about facebook.

this is the true fact if your girlfriend/boyfriend use facebook for chatting with you.many time you

think that she/he visit my facebook profile or not if he/she visit my profile then we are sit relax

because you  found love between you and your partner .But when you thinking this your mind work

and says how is this possible to see who see my profile .don't wory we are here for what ofcurse for

helping you buddy.thats chill it is possible to check who visit your profile behind you.

we spend many time for think who see me behind me,or i want to say deffinatly you think

your girlfriend/boyfriends see your facebook profile or not ,dont worry this tutorial is only

for you so lets know some about facebook .

Facebook developers are adding new features to Facebook every day. The one feature that

they didn't add till yet, is a way that tells us how to track Facebook profile visitors. The

reason could be, they don’t want to reveal the privacy of Facebook users publicly. Now

days, Facebook trick to trace Facebook profile visitors is in huge demand. In case if you

search on Google for the same, you will get thousands of Facebook apps to track Facebook

profile visitors, but very few of them works fine. So today I am sharing a working

Facebook trick on How to track Facebook profile visitors. I hope, you all will find it

here are step by step procedure to Track Facebook Profile Visitors follow care fully and dont take pannic .

Follow these steps to track your Facebook profile visitors.

(1) first we Login to your Facebook account if not login before.

(2) After that  Click on Home tab, alternatively go to www.facebook.com. You will be redirected to home tab.

(3) after that ,right click on any blank part of the page, and  click on view page source code .

(4) Once a window come with huge number of codes there.

(5)  press Ctrl+F and search for InitialChatFriendsList. You will see some

Facebook profile ID’s beside InitialChatFriendsList, Facebook Profile Visitors

(6) now when you see These ID’s are the Facebook ID’s of your friends who visited your Facebook account

(7) most in ascending order. To find out which ID belong to who, copy the ID i.e. 1502811817

and paste it in http://www.facebook.com/yourid at the place of yourid. i.e


(8) Once done, Now open the above url in your browser, it will show you the Facebook profile of your friend who have visited your Facebook account most recently

(9) In case if the Facebook reverse id look up tool is not working for you then you replace x’s of

http://www.facebook.com/XXXXXXXXXX with Facebook id. And open it in any browser; it will

redirect you to the Facebook account.

You can repeat the above tutorial for each ID’s existing in the page source, to know all your Facebook

profile visitors.there are lot of id;s of your visitor so check one by one who visit your profile .

this methode is very understandable and we can say true methode for finding your visitor on
facebook profile


So, here comes the end of this article ' how to track Facebook profile visitors.' I hope you enjoy reading it.

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