15 January 2017

How To Stop Phone Alarm In The Morning From Your Voice Using Wake Voice Clock Alarm

Hello friend welcome back here ,Our today's post is not for you but if you are lazy then it is absolutely for you i just kidding .Sometime i am feeling so tired after writing blog post so not wake up  early in the morning but I and you both know that if money come from sleeping then everyone follow this simple steps always lying on the bed .Forget it and start now ,In this post i am sharing a trick by which you can control your alarm by your voice ,yes you here right ,you can do anything with your android device or tablet .I know  Waking up  in the early morning is not so easy for you even not for me? Thanks to developer who are struggling in making good applications for us and provide it for free of cost .

Here in this post i am going to share a very unique alarm clock apps named Voice Alarm Clock which is developed by ADNFX Mobile.When you navigate to google play store you see their that  There are lots of alarm clock apps on it , but believe me Voice Alarm Clock is different from all  others apps. If you thinking that How this app is different from others and how can you use an app for wake up in the morning in a new way for example with the use of your own voice so don't worry here i give you full information about this android cool app now The idea is very simple, when you set your alarm on your phone and given specific time for rung ,your phone alarm rings, now you just have to talk to WakeVoice to stop the alarm or snooze the alarm ,these two words will stop your alarm ringing .This is not all when your phone alarm stopped this talks to you  like your customized phone messages, weather, events, horoscope, radio and much more what to do you want to hear.

Lets See How To Use Wake Alarm Voice Clock

Step:1) first of all you need to install Wake Alarm Voice Clock in your android mobile you can downoad it  from the Google Play Store,direct link for google play store is provided below click on it and download Wake Alarm Voice Clock
Download WakeVoice Trial alarm clock

Step:2) when you download and install ,After that  Launch the app in your phone menu

Step:3) Now you have to just  Set your Alarm.

Step:4) Also here you need to  Select Speech Synthesis and Voice Recognition option which is given you on the screen .
Speech Synthesis – For getting info about weather, events, news and horoscopes.

Step:5) you also customize it like below figure For getting info about weather, events, news and horoscopes.(By Make it on or off)

Voice Recognition – Stop and snooze your alarm from your voice.

Step:6) After that  you have to check that your voice is recognized by the app or not so Click on "alarm clock Test" button given in the bottom of the screen and  Just say stop for stopping your alarm or snooze for snoozing the alarm.
Voice Recognition – Stop and snooze your alarm from your voice.

Important: You can also customize this app according to your needs from open settings of this app.You can also select your own voice commands by clicking on the 3 arrow button situated right to the plus button and then goto "voice recognition " and select both for stop and snooze.

That's it friends  with WakeVoice, you won’t be angry anymore when you’ll be waking up in the morning.

One More App which is Alternative of Wake Voice :

After using Wake Voice app you realize that it is not totally free, you can set only 10 alarm clock in the free version,but you know you can easily purchase it without any cost simply hacking wake voice .If you don't know how to hacked play store paid apps then read this post ,Otherwise you can  Download Voice snooze alarm from below links, this is one of the best alternatives of Wake Voice Alarm Clock which is Developer by Gerard Puig
download Voice Snooze Alarm

TRICK SOURCE = extratipstrick

Now your turn give your feedback and tell us what is good or bad voice regnition alarm app for android users.if you like it please share it with your friends.

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