15 January 2017

How to Get More Likes On Facebook Infographic 2017

Hello dear friends every time you search how to make more and extra likes on your facebook profile picture or facebook status.but unfortunately you would not able to do that because of lack of understanding.Here i am provide very simple method to make auto like on any status and profile picture.many of your friends have a long list of friends so he makes better like on facebook profile or any comment or status.you see their pic  and think why my pic not have much  like.so don't worry here is a trick to make 1000+ like on any picture without wasting much time only 5 minute you need to do full process.here you don't need to make a long friends list okay.

If you Tired Of Waiting For The Persons To Like Your Status? Want(Or Pretend) To Be Famous Person In Your Group? To be true it is everyone's dream to be the most famous person on facebook.Girls are also attractive to see more likes on picture because she think he is popular one.You might have thought that there is no way of getting too many likes on facebook and still dreaming about it.Here i am provide step by step procedure to make autolikes.


First you need to activate or enable subscription because of  auto liker websites need enable

Here is step to enable subscription follow simply:

Step:1) FIRST OF ALL GO TO - https://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe AND CLICK ON ALLOW SUBSCRIBERS ( IN GREEN BUTTON ) see figure,AND AGAIN CLICK OK
 Get 1000+ Likes in Facebook - 100% Working Auto Like Trick

Step:2) GO TO : https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy AND CHANGE "Control Your Default Privacy" SETTINGS TO PUBLIC & "How You Connect" ,
 Get 1000+ Likes in Facebook - 100% Working Auto Like Trick

Step:2) After enabling subscribing option go to this sites http://www.likelo.in
Step:3) After click on the above link a popup WINDOW open look like bellow image.
 Get 1000+ Likes in Facebook - 100% Working Auto Like Trick

Step:4) You see methode 1 simply in figure click on

Step:5) After that  allow permision to the app simply click ok  button like bellow figure;

Step:6) Now again come on that website ,After installing copy the url of that page which is your Access Token, it will be like


Step:) Copy it and paste on the box provided in  Likelo.in  homepage and click go.

Wait for the next page to load with some subscribe buttons. Subscribe any one there and click submit button.(Subscribing is not compulsory) Next page you get will be having your 5 recent updates with a subscribe button corresponding to each. Click on the submit button of your update for which you need hooping likes.Most probably after doing this you may be asked to login to your facebook account again. This doesn't happen all the time. Its good if it happens so.

if you want more and more likes on a status or photo simply apply above methode for different websites like bellow definitely you make 10000+ like on a status or profile pic

(1) fb-autoliker.com

(2)  likehoot.com

(3) mg-likers.com

(4) fbinstantlikes.com

and google more websites

How to protect your fb profile from being hacked by auto likers websites

You know guys when you use autoliker sites for increase the likes on your profile pic it steal your all personal details ,you can see it in above step no. 3  ,and after some time you realize that you unlikly like other person's photo ,this all happen by autoliker sites it access your facebook account and give the likes of other ,i hope you get some idea about what i am trying to say you ,but don't worry i hava a solution for that you can easily get likes from above given autolikers sites and also you can safe your fb account using below given method follow step by step process to stop autoliker sites to steal your personal details after getting likes on your status or pic.

Step:1) First of all you get likes on your pic or status or what ever you want using  above given process.

Step:2) After that go to this link m.facebook.com yes this is mobile version sites ,i am using this because it is easy to load

Step:3) Open your account Using username or password and then go to the bottom and click on "setting"

Step:4) In setting you have see many option simly choose "Apps" Button .

Step:5 ) In "apps" Screen you can see that a option " you have logged in facebook"  simply click on it .

Step:6) here you need to remove that app which is responcible for autolikes ,it takes your facebook account details and send To autolikers websites simply scroll down the page till you get a option "Remove it"

Thats it guys it is so importent for you Friends so use always this method when you need likes on your pic or status.

have enjoy buddy ...For more queries Ajays soni is here to help you in comments below.if you like this article please share it with your friends.and any problem during full process feel free comment below box.

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