15 January 2017

how many Risks Of Using Auto likes On Facebook be carefull buddy in 2017

Facebook is best place for connecting with people. We use Facebook daily to do chatting, calling, sharing Status and Photos which we find interesting. Facebook has a lot of entertaining features which create addiction. As a normal Facebook user only have around 100-500 friends in there friend list. So we share our thoughts and other day to day moments But according to Facebook algorithm we only receives around 10-50 likes just because Facebook applied a reach limits at all profiles and pages. So it really embarrassing movement when we didn't get likes and comments on our status.

Due to all of these conditions Facebook users start using new method which is known as Auto Likes. They use these auto likers through any website and get hundreds and thousands of likes on their Status and Photos. They use this technique just to attract others by showing too many likes.


What are Auto Likers and How it works ?

Facebook Autolikers are best way to get automatic likes at status and profiles. Facebook Autolikers are websites which collection personal data through token number. Then this collected data is used to generate auto likes. Now the question how they are collecting data. Whenever someone use these auto likers then these sites access their token number to generate likes. Just take example if 10 person use any autoliker then they have collected 10 likes. Now if someone use same autoliker then they will get 10 likes on his/her status automatically and that use also added in the same list.

After that total collection become 11 Likes. In the same total likes increase day by day within increase of their users.Only way to find total likes available is just depend on how many user already used it to get likes. There are many website who offer auto likes in which they need your token number to get access into your account and then they need status id or photo id where want to show fake likes.

Is Auto Likers are Harmful or Not ?

According to Facebook is totally a spam and totally a risky process. Using any Auto liker may results your account disabled or Facebook may apply few restriction on Account. These auto likers may result your account compromised because all the website need token number which means you are providing all the privileges to that application which you use to generate token number. According to Facebook Access Token number it works like an account Passwords. So Any service which need To Token of account may harm your personal information. For more details search at Facebook help center about Access Token.The most importent thing which is known by you every time do you know auto like website do with you when you hire them:
There are many auto liker websites like :

(1) earnlike.com

(2) djliker.com

(3) mg-liker.com

and many more etc......

you know actually what these website work with you,they steal your all information which is listed bellow during token process..


They will receive the following info about you.

your public profile picture

friend list

email address

custom friend list


friend request

news feed

relation ship

relationship intrests


chat status


work history

status update

education history




current city

photo question

religious and politycal views

follows and follower



persional description



video activity and game activity and friends relationship


Now you can think what a single feature exits which is unknown by thesetype of websites ,in my opinion never use these type of websites .

Few Suggestions About Using Facebook Auto Likers

(1)  Never use Auto Like services from your original Account.

(2) Auto Likers need Access Token Number which works like a password. So using it through your  personal account may result account compromised.

(3)  Getting Auto likes on Status or Photo is also against Facebook usage terms. So Facebook may apply restriction on Liking and commenting and results into account disable.

So i hope this tutorial is helpful for you make clear all the facts about Facebook auto likes. I know you want to likes but i suggest you that always use autolikers with precautions.

Now we are come in the end of this tutorial how avoid auto like websites for stealing your data .I hope you enjoy this trick. If you have any question feel free to ask me and share this tutorial in social networking site like facebook or twitter..

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