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4 September 2017

Mobile Problem and Solution – Auto off, Freezes, Hangs, Slow Processing

There are situation when a mobile cell phone of any brand including Samsung, Nokia, LG, iPhone, Micromax, China Mobile Phones etc may problems such – Auto off, Freezes, Hangs, Slow Processing
There can be different symptoms, reasons and solutions to identify, solve and fix the problem.
Following are some of the Basic Solution and Ways on How to Solve and Fix Mobile Cell Phone Auto off, Freezes, Hangs, Slow Processing Problem:
Mobile Phone Problem

  1. Check downloaded applications and note when the problem happened or is happening.
  2. Check and note is the problem is happening when a certain app or application is running.
  3. Remove he application that is causing the problem and see if the problem is solved or not.
  4. If the problem is still not solved then factory reset the mobile cell phone and update the software / operating system (OS) of the mobile phone of smartphone.

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