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26 May 2017

cool indian girls whatsapp mobile number diary page : get stylish and cute indian girls whatsapp mobile number send request

Gujarati girls whatsapp mobile number list from Gujarat india

hello friends boys and girls i am anjana raval from gujarat state that is in india. i am in college. and my age is 21 .  you are all using whatspp and hike like chatting apps and many of you are also on facebook or istagra, or snapchat also. so here am requesting you to be my online friend and start chatting with me on whatsapp . i will give you my whatsapp mobile number to chat with me .we can be good friends or something else like friendship also . i like chocolate so much and like to hangout with friends on road . so if you are intrested in friendship with me then give your whatsapp mobile number in below comment so that i can contact you on whatsapp or hike and you also can send me friend request on facebook and instagram also. so just drop your whatsapp or hike mobile number and wait for my first "hi" message . 

hi all , i am devangi gohel from rajkot, gujarat that is in india . my age is 18 and i am in 12th std . right now i am living in mumbai with my brother and my school is going on here.  i dont have much friends online on the internet so if any one boys or girls want to start chatting with me and frank message are always allowed to anyone as we all know that in this world we all need good friends so you can send me message on my whatsapp mobile number and hike mobile number . please comment your whatsapp number with your full name in below comment and we will start the chat on whatsapp .

how are you all , my name is janki parmar and i am from surat, gujarat. i like cool boys and girls who can be my friends. my age is 20 and i like to make online friends on whatsapp and facebook so if any one like my photo or want to chat with me then message me on my whatsapp mobile number. 

my name is krishna suren and i am from surat, gujarat. i am in college in computer engineering . i want to make new friends online so if you are also looking for new friend and want to friendship with me and chat with me on whatsapp or hike then give your whatsapp mobile number or hike mobile number in below comment with your full name so that i can contact you  on your whatsapp mobile number and we can be friends. 

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